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cheaper than candy

...half as sweet

Some fights are still being fought. 1913 Day at Fullerton College. #FullertonCollege

1913 Day at Fullerton College #FullertonCollege

Because this foot next to my head won’t move #whymynewfisangsty #newfsofinstagram #newfproblems #newfoundlandsofinstagram #newfoftheday #instapet #petsofinstagram

Upon being told it was Talk Like a Pirate Day, she said, “I’ll be right back, I have to find something to hide my shame,” and she came out like this. #whymytweenisangsty #tweenthings #tweens

Kisses #newfsofinstagram #newfoundlandsofinstagram #newfoftheday #instapet

It is sometimes said that scientists are unromantic, that their passion to figure out robs the world of beauty and mystery. But is it not stirring to understand how the world actually works — that white light is made of colors, that color is the way we perceive the wavelengths of light, that transparent air reflects light, that in so doing it discriminates among the waves, and that the sky is blue for the same reason that the sunset is red? It does no harm to the romance of the sunset to know a little bit about it. - Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot (via crookedindifference)

#flyinglogicmonkey #sciencebeautybeautyscience

Because her ice cream is just “ice and fruit” not “mint and chip.” #whymytweenisangsty #tweenthings #tweens #firstworldproblems

Check it out » Toys 'R' Us U.K. Agrees To End Gender Marketing



This is a great idea. 

wow! exciting, exciting news :) 


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okay guys i see your point, but what about THIS:


Here’s some bones to name.
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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars (eggless & NO bake)

Sweet Jesus.

Reblogging so you know what finally killed me.

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And I cried over Starry Night. #truestory

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muppet stormtroopers = genius idea (via Muppet Stormtroopers - Robot Mutant)

This kind of terrifies me…

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11 Untranslatable Words From Other Cultures

Follow the link for the source

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I can’t be the only one.

Me, but less profanity because kids in car.

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