not nearly as funny as you'd think.

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Send chocolate, martinis and email to: sendchocolatenow at the GEEmailz.

That's all she wrote.

cheaper than candy

...half as sweet

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My child and I like to keep each other occupied on tedious bus rides around the city by playing word games or by telling tales. Sometimes, she’s irritated because she has to be on the bus, which is a pain to her (being on the bus) and I have to coax her into playing. To get things started today, I…

I don’t think being a grape would be that bad. If I was squished, maybe it would be for wine.  I like wine.  Also, if they stomped me with their wiggly toes, that might be ok…I have this thing for feet.

(The guy just needs to get him some I think…but with that attitude, he will probably continue to go without)